How to get a ‘bad’ Craigslist vending machine

It’s easy to get stuck on a Craigslist vending-machine craze, and the site itself has a whole page dedicated to it.

But the best part is that you don’t have to be a Craigslist junkie to participate.

Here are some tips for getting the best Craigslist vending machines out there.


Get an accurate location.

Craigslist’s algorithms have made it easy to locate vending machines in major cities and states.

Here’s how to find a good place to park and find your vending machine.


Use the search box to locate your place.

If you can’t find your place, just type in the address or zip code of your city.


Make sure you’re in the correct neighborhood.

The internet can be a tricky place to navigate, so check the location of your closest nearby stores before entering.

If it’s too far away, the machine may be out of stock.


Ask for a refund.

Craigslist will reimburse you for the cost of your purchase, but you should get a receipt for your credit card if you’ve used your card.

If there’s an error or missing information, you can contact the seller for a replacement.


Use your credit to make a deposit.

Craigslist accepts debit and credit cards, so you can use the money to pay for a vending machine you’re not sure you want.


Pay in full.

You can pay online, but if you have an account on Craigslist, it’ll pay for the machines.


Put the money in a deposit box.

You’ll want to place the money where you can see it.

If the machine isn’t showing up, call the seller to make sure they’ve taken the money out.


Check the balance on your credit cards.

If your account has more than $10,000 in it, you might have to wait until you make your purchase to see your money.


Get a refund from Craigslist.

It may take several months to get your refund, but Craigslist will issue you a credit card statement for the money.


Try Craigslist’s “sales” section.

You’re not supposed to buy from vending machines, but it’s a good way to check out the craze.

You may be surprised at how many people who participate in the craise end up buying from vending-machines.