Why the craze for antique vending machines is ‘crazy’

The vending machines in the UK have long been a favourite of people who love to watch the circus.

But in the US, they have also become a target of collectors and enthusiasts who want to keep the machines and make their own copies.

“Vending machines were invented as a means of making money.

They were created as a way of helping people in need,” said Jody, a New York City-based collector who is also known as the “Vindicator”.

The machines have been popular for a long time in the United States and Canada, but in recent years, the crafter has been finding new ways to make money from the machines.

In 2013, a local man tried to make a $10,000 profit on the machine he had made using parts from a vending machine in a warehouse.

And in April, a man from Pennsylvania made $5,000 off a $20,000 machine.

“These are a great source of income,” said John Rieger, who runs a website called the Vindicator’s Machine Collector’s Guide.

But collectors who want a lot of their money back are finding other ways to get their money.

A $50,000 vending machine on the streets of New York sold for $60,000 in March, after it was stolen.

Another, owned by a man who wanted to keep his name, sold for more than $150,000 after a man bought it for $30,000 on eBay.

In March, a vending company in Canada used the machine to make over $200,000.

In December, a woman in Ohio used a vending device to make $1.5 million from a $2.5-million machine.

And just last month, a $500,000 “Vend-a-Vend” vending machine that was part of a campaign to sell the country’s first $1,000 coin went missing.

“This is just a new, wild ride,” said Sarah, a 24-year-old who bought the machine last year for $100,000 and is now looking to sell it.

She wants to turn the machines into “artists,” and she plans to sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

Sarah said she is going to have to sell some of her art pieces on eBay to pay the money for the machines, which will then be sold on Craigslist.

She said she has been trying to sell her artwork for the last four months and hasn’t gotten much response from potential buyers.

Sarah, who lives in the Boston area, said she doesn’t have a lot in common with her neighbours.

“I’ve always been into the circus, so I don’t have much in common,” she said.

“We all have our own hobbies.

But the idea of owning something that’s going to go for a million dollars, I don.

It’s crazy.”

Sarah said that the idea to create a vending machines was a lot more than just a hobby.

“It’s kind of like a dream come true,” she told Al Jazeera.

Sarah and her family have lived in the same neighborhood for five years.

Sarah’s family is a small group of people, who often buy together.

“Our kids are all very, very close to us, and we’ve all kind of been close to each other for a very long time,” Sarah said.

Sarah has also started her own business.

She sells items on her website.

“My idea is to have a collection of items that I’m proud of and then have a place to go to and have them come in and I can keep a small inventory,” Sarah told Al, adding that she plans on turning her collection into an art collection.

Sarah also hopes to turn her collection of vintage vending machines into a “dollhouse” for her family.

“The idea is that I can have my own little home and I get to have some fun and go on walks and all that stuff,” she explained.

Sarah is currently making a living as a business owner, and she said she will be able to take care of her business by selling her machines on eBay and Craigslist.

“Once I get a little bit more experience selling on eBay, then I can sell my machines,” Sarah added.

Sarah will be selling her vending machines at auction, as well as at a few local art galleries and in a few other venues.

“One of the best parts of this is that it’s going away, so you’re not going to be looking for these machines anymore,” Sarah explained.

“They’re going to become a part of my art collection.”