How to make your own vending machine

The NFL is working on a vending machine that will allow players to buy food and drink for their teammates, not just the team they’re on.

And the NFL is hoping it will be ready to go before the start of the 2017 season.

The vending machine will have a large screen with a vending cart, and players will be able to buy snacks, beverages and other food products at the vending machine.

Players will be allowed to leave with up to six items, including water, soda and fruit, according to a report from

Players won’t be able buy food at the team store, but the league has said it will allow them to use the team-owned food and beverages on game days, according the report.

Players can also use food and beverage vouchers they’ve purchased in the vending cart to buy additional food or drinks at the stadium.

The league said it was developing the vending system to make it easier for fans to buy items at games, and said it would work with fans who don’t want to buy merchandise on game day to create an “uninterrupted supply of food and other beverages.”

The league has not announced a specific date for the system’s launch, but said it is working with vendors and suppliers to make sure it is ready before the season begins.

The NFL has been working on an electronic vending machine for a while.

The team has been testing the technology in training camp and has used the vending carts at the end of the regular season to distribute food to fans.