UK tourist says he has lost $500,000 on refurbished stationery

A trainee at a refurbished train station in Kent has claimed he lost $50,000 (£31,000) when he sold his refurbished Viva stationery.

Mark Wilsher, 36, from Cardiff, bought the machine from the company in January but never used it.

Now he says he was paid back a deposit of £25,000, but he is still owed a further £50,865.

Mr Wilsheer says the machine was given to him by his uncle, who bought it from a train station that has been abandoned since the 1980s.

He claims he sold it to the company for £12,000 but was promised £8,000 and is now owed £22,000.

He says he only bought the Viva because he was told it would be used by the UK Government and had been given the machine to use for refurbishment.

He is now trying to collect on the £25k owed to him and has set up a website to collect the money.

The stationery, which was installed in 1983, was sold to a company that has since been sold to another company, which has since stopped using it.

“I’m not sure if the trainee is the one who is owed the money, or if it’s someone else. “

“It’s still in the drawer, I have to go and get it.” “

Mr Wilshers uncle, Paul, told BBC Wales: “He bought it at a stationery auction, when it was not in use. “

It’s still in the drawer, I have to go and get it.”

A spokesman for Viva said: ‘We do not have any records of any money owed to Mr Welsher.’ “

He was told he could buy it back for a fee of £5,000.”

A spokesman for Viva said: ‘We do not have any records of any money owed to Mr Welsher.’

A spokeswoman for the train operator said: We do not know if any funds have been recovered from the refunded deposit and the money is currently being used by our team to improve services to the public.

‘I am so angry’ Mark Willsher, from Kent, has said he has had to sell his refurbish stationery after it was left in the rail car, where it is now used as a vending machine.

He said: I’ve had to go out and buy it and get my hands dirty, because if I didn’t go out I would have lost everything.

‘The station was left out in the car overnight and I’ve got a cleaning crew with me who do everything they can to clean it up.

‘It’s been a tough time for me but it hasn’t been that bad.

‘Now I’m so angry that I just want to get rid of it, because it’s been in such good hands for so long.’

Mark Wilhesmith has set UpAView to collect money owed him by the train company he bought the stationery from.

He has been told the train could be sold at auction and will be auctioned off to someone who can pay the £22k to MrWilsher.

‘We are in the process of selling the station, but have no clue how much the company is going to be able to pay,’ he said.

‘My mum’s heart just broke when I heard this.

I’m very upset that I have lost so much money and I want it back.

‘If I had not been so naive I would not have bought the train.

I would probably have left it out there and waited for someone else to come and use it.

‘There is no point in selling it if I am going to have to put it back out on the streets, because the station will be out there, and I’m not going to get paid back any money that I lose when I sell it.’