The Fun With Tabletop Vending Machines

I was at a local cafe one evening and saw an employee giving out free fish vending machines. 

I was intrigued. 

So I started asking questions. 

The answer I got back was that the fish vending was actually a “tabletop” vending machine. 

That’s right, a tabletop vending machine! 

So, you can put your food on a table and then you can eat at your convenience. 

There is a whole table and a tabletop, and you can also take your food with you. 

It’s all great, right? 

But then I saw the price tag. 


If you put your fish in the bottom of the machine, it will cost you $7. 

And if you put it in the top of the device, it’ll cost you about $4. 

This is not a joke. 

You could buy an all-in-one machine for $2.99 and get yourself a free fish. 

What a deal! 

And so, I went out and bought one. 

Well, actually, I bought about 5 different fish vending units for $8. 

But I decided to go with one because I was really curious. 

A lot of the vending machines are not the most functional. 

They are just for the convenience of the people who live nearby. 

Some people are just not interested in food at all. 

Others don’t want to bother getting in the water for that reason. 

My mom is the type of person who will always go for the fish.

I have to admit, the fish was pretty good. 

When she got to my table, I thought she was a little disappointed. 

After all, she loves fish.

She ordered a few plates of chicken and beef. 

She loved the flavor of it, the texture, and the flavor, and it was great. 

As soon as I saw her take a bite, I knew I had to get the fish myself. 

Her table is a pretty wide table so I could sit on the edge of her seat and she could easily get a plate and some fish for her to eat. 

Then, she came back to the table to tell me that the rest of the table had already filled up. 

“I didn’t have the fish in my basket.” 

Well okay, I guess she was right. 

Once I had all the fish, I put it all on the table, and we shared a bite. 

To be honest, the only thing I was missing was a bowl of ice cream. 

However, after she asked if I had a few more, I got to the point and decided that I was going to give it a shot. 

Fortunately, the ice cream was already on the other side of the counter. 

For the rest, I had the fish to share. 

Even though I didn’t like it, I decided I was willing to try it anyway. 

Here is the setup: First, you get the table and place the fish on it. 

Next, you place your food and utensils on the countertop and get to the fish section. 

Finally, you grab a table-top machine and put your own food in there. 

In the video below, I am showing you the exact steps that I followed. Enjoy!