How to use a Costco vending cart with Android Wear smartwatches to get more for less

The Google-owned mobile-app company has partnered with a number of Android Wear-related brands to offer its vending machines on the Google Wear platform.

You can get them to display your purchase on your wrist as you walk through a checkout, or when you tap on a menu item, such as the coffee.

The vending machines can be used to buy groceries, groceries for the homeless, or even a $20 pair of Samsung Gear S3 smartwears.

The new partnership is designed to address a need in the retail sector: to offer the convenience of shopping without having to physically buy a lot of goods to get them.

The $19.99 per year Google Card Wallet app for Android Wear devices is one of many retailers that are offering its free or low-cost smartwear apps.

The Google Card wallet app, which is available on both Android Wear and Apple Watch devices, provides a simple and straightforward way to pay for products in stores, with cash and credit cards included.

The app also has the ability to accept debit and credit card payments.

This is the second time Google has partnered up with companies that are making smartwares available for smartwearing.

The company has also partnered with Nike, Amazon, and Target to make smartwalls available for wearables.

Google also announced that it would offer a smartwatch version of its Android Wear app for the Apple Watch.