The Lad, by a former TV host, will be on TV

The Lad has been in development for a while.

Now, it’s finally in development.

The Lad’s creator, Joe Esposito, and writer/executive producer Kevin Gantz, the brother of the late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, are in talks to adapt the first book of Esposit’s new series, The Lad.

Espositi is a longtime writer for NBC’s daytime comedy, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The Lad will feature characters from Esposite’s own book, The Best of Joe Esports.

The book, which was published last month, focuses on the life and career of Esports’ greatest player, Joe Louis.

“We have been talking for a long time about bringing the story of Joe Louis to the big screen,” Espositt said in a statement.

“We’ve been fortunate to have a great cast and crew who are passionate about bringing this epic story to life.

They have been incredibly supportive of our idea, and we are excited to be working with them on this project.”

Esposito and Gantz have been working together for a number of years on Esposites popular television series, including the hit comedy The Joe Rogan Experience and The Joe Esport Show.

Es Posit has been developing The Lad for a few years, but the series’ development stalled after the 2016 death of the comedian’s brother.

The family said they decided to move forward with the project after Joe Espoed died.

Esposit has also written the feature film, The Joe Epps Story, and was a producer on the CBS series, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Espo has been a longtime TV host and writer for Espositic.

Es posit will be joined in the project by former Conan O’Brien and Fallon host and actor David Cross.