‘China has a huge problem’: Former Trump adviser speaks out on Chinese vending machines

The former senior adviser to Donald Trump said he believes China has a big problem with vending machines and that he worries that Trump’s administration is too eager to use them as a tool to promote his policies.

In a new interview, Eric Lichtblau said he is concerned that the Trump administration will use vending machines as a means to “create a sense of community” rather than to foster social cohesion.

Lichtbrueck told the New York Times that he believes Chinese officials will “pursue a policy of propaganda that they would not have pursued in the past.”

“We have a big question mark on our ability to engage with China on issues of mutual interest, such as trade, climate change, security,” Lichtbrecht said.

“We can have a dialogue with the Chinese, but I don’t think it’s going to be productive because the Chinese are going to pursue their own agenda.”

He also said the Trump team has been too eager in its dealings with Beijing.

“I’m concerned about how far the Trump campaign has gone to get a relationship with China that they will have to negotiate with the Trump people on the other side of the table,” Lichbrecht told the Times.

“The administration has been a very aggressive player in China, not just on trade, but on cybersecurity, and I think it has gotten a little bit lazy and too eager.”

Lichtbig told the paper he doesn’t think the vending machines will be used to promote Trump’s policies, but that he hopes they will be a tool for diplomacy.

“China has an interest in maintaining its own security,” he said.

The former Trump aide has also called for an end to the use of vending machines in public.

“This is an enormous waste of money, money that should go to public education and public health,” he told Politico.

“If we want to have a world that is a more prosperous and stable place for all of humanity, then we need to take this into consideration.”