Is the vending machine business dying?

The vending machine market is booming, and some of the companies that make the machines are making record profits.

But for some, it’s a scary future.

In the meantime, the machines have become a part of our daily lives, and they’re now increasingly used in our communities.

As we’ve reported, machines have a long history of helping people make a living, and the machines that are in the vending machines market have always been cheap and easy to use.

But there’s a growing fear that the machines could be more than a simple cash register, and that they could become a major threat to the vending industry.

For example, in some parts of the country, the technology is still in the process of being developed, and even though machines can be made with high quality, the manufacturers are still finding it more difficult to make the right quality.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in San Francisco alone, about 80 percent of vending machines are made of metal.

Some machines are still made of cardboard or plastic.

The vending machine companies have already had to work to make these machines as good as possible.

For example, the machine in your local Starbucks has a special system in which the machines can only be charged with one drink at a time, but the vending company can charge a second drink.

The machines also have to be cleaned frequently.

According to the Journal, the San Francisco Department of Public Health estimates that more than 1 million people have died from drinking water from machines that have been cleaned with bleach.

The machine manufacturers also have a lot of control over the way they sell the machines, and it’s not easy to get your hands on one.

Some machines are even made from recycled materials.

The New York Times reports that a vending machine manufacturer in Germany makes machine that has a unique system in that the machine is always connected to the Internet, so you don’t have to worry about losing your connection if the network goes down.

The other problem with the vending business is that there’s an increasing trend for companies to make money off of the machines.

The Wall St. Journal says that in the United States alone, there are more than 100,000 machines in use, with the average machine selling for $30 to $40.

It’s unclear how the machines will be replaced in the near future, but some experts think that they may soon disappear completely.

A lot of the money from these machines is being spent on advertising, and those ads are getting more intrusive with each passing day.

The new machines are getting bigger and more powerful every year, and these new machines could make it impossible to compete with them.