Mobile game company Mobile Game Company makes its debut in South Africa

Mobile Game company Mobile Gameworks has announced that it will open up a South African branch of its business, the company announced on its blog.

The announcement came shortly after a South Africa-based Mobile Game Companies (MGC) team made its debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Melbourne, Australia.

Mobile Gameworks’ headquarters are in Pretoria, South Africa.

It has been in the making since 2010 and has been working on its first ever mobile game since the company was founded.MGC was founded by Mihai Kambara, who is also an entrepreneur.

He said the idea for Mobile Gamers came after working on the same ideas for mobile gaming at Mango Games in South Korea.

“We wanted to find a way to make mobile games that are easy to play, that are free and accessible to everyone,” Kambaras CEO Mihailos Orombe told TechRadars.

The team is working on a mobile game that will be free to download and play, according to the company.

It will be available to users on both Android and iOS platforms.

Mobile Games will feature real-time player stats and matchmaking, in-game trading and trading cards, among other things.

“The mobile gaming market is growing at an incredible pace and we have an incredible opportunity to grow it by building the platform that enables the development of great mobile games,” Orombes said.

The company is also working on mobile games for smartphones and tablets.

The company’s CEO said the company is working to open up new business models to help other businesses reach the same success.