South Korea launches $60 million pilot scheme to boost vending machines

The South Korean government has announced it is introducing a pilot scheme in response to the growing popularity of the vending machine.

The government is trying to bring in machines with better efficiency, speed and features, such as larger displays, as well as better charging infrastructure and better vending machine design, to make them more attractive.

The aim is to boost the number of vending machines in the country and bring in more businesses.

In a statement, the government said it would spend $60m over three years to create about 10,000 vending machines.

The initiative is expected to start in 2018.

South Korea has one of the most vibrant vending machine markets in the world with a growing number of establishments offering small and medium size machines, but the country also faces competition from other countries in the region such as China.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who is currently visiting Beijing, has said the country has a “lack of vending machine infrastructure” and is seeking better vending machines from the mainland.

In April, the South Korean Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of vending machinery to improve the quality of vending in restaurants and retail outlets.

According to the FDA, the new machines will offer “satisfactory and fast delivery, low costs, low risk of damage, and low wastage.”

The vending machines will have a maximum capacity of 3,000 units.

A survey by the Korea Electronics Manufacturing Association found that in 2017, nearly 90 percent of South Koreans were either “very” or “extremely” interested in vending machines and the majority of those were willing to pay a premium for the convenience of their customers.

According a survey conducted by Korea Trade and Investment Association (KOTIA), almost 40 percent of Korean consumers said they were willing or “very willing” to pay extra for the vending machines they bought.

The vending machine market is expected be the biggest in the coming years.

The number of Korean vending machines is expected at 2.1 million by 2020, according to Korea Consumer Goods Association.