How Amazon is betting big on its vending machine warehouse and pubg businesses

The vending machine giant Amazon has signed a deal to build a vending machine facility in Washington state, as it moves closer to a new lease agreement with the city of Seattle.

The Amazon Seattle building is being built on the corner of Fourth Avenue SE and Pike Place Market, just across from the Seattle Mariners stadium.

It’s one of the new locations Amazon will build in Seattle, which is one of Amazon’s first big investments in the city.

The new facility will have a retail floor with at least eight floors, including a restaurant, retail, and a pharmacy.

It will also have a bar, a cafe, and other businesses, according to Amazon.

Amazon has been looking for a new location to serve its growing online business in Seattle.

The Seattle site will be the second location to be built in Seattle after a massive construction project was completed in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland.