‘This is the best thing we’ve seen yet’: ‘The best thing that’s ever happened to the internet’

A couple of years ago, a vending machine went viral, attracting millions of views and millions of likes.

Now, its been dubbed the “best thing ever to happen to the Internet” and its creator is trying to help make it a reality.

“Vending machines are so important because you have a lot of options.

I think there are so many different options that we have to offer, and the people who use them are so amazing,” founder of the online food and beverage retailer Moet Vending Machine, James “Moet” Gough, told Business Insider.

The vending machine is named after a former co-founder of the company, who invented the vending machine.

The name was inspired by the slogan “Moets” from the 1960s TV series ‘Vikings,’ Gough said.

Moet, who is a native New Yorker, has been working on his vending machine since 2013, when he first noticed a huge demand for a vending device that could sell food.

“The idea for this vending machine came from a friend that wanted to create a vending app,” Gough told Business Insiders.

“I wanted to make it really easy to use, so people could have something like this that they could go to wherever they wanted to go and get food,” Grough said.

To do that, he set out to create the first vending machine that could work anywhere, anywhere, and in any weather.

“We’ve got all the technology in place, we’ve got the hardware, we have the software, and we have everything to make this happen,” Groupe said.

“You have a guy at Moet’s and he has a team of 3,000 guys, who are basically engineers and programmers,” he said.

Gough told us that the Moet vending machines were developed in collaboration with other people, but it’s all done in-house.

“It’s not just us building the machines,” he told us.

“So we can actually build the machines, we can test the machines and we can build the software that will be used to make sure that everything works,” he explained.

The first vending machines have already been launched in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, New York City and London.

“If we can create the machines at home, we think that would be very successful,” Goug said.

So far, Gough says his vending machines are making about $30,000 a month, but he said he’s willing to do more in the future.

“In the near future, we would like to be doing this on the Internet.

We have so many things we could do, we want to do something like that, but we’re just not doing it,” he added.

Moets vending machine was launched last month on Moet.com, and Gough is expecting to have it up and running by next week.

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