When a vending machine costs more than a cup of coffee, can you afford to buy one?

Costco is planning to launch a new $15-a-month vending machine that offers its customers free coffee, instead of the usual cost of $2.50 a cup.

According to CNBC, the new machine will be available at participating retail outlets in September.

Costco’s new vending machine will cost $15 a month, up from $10, but customers can get $1 off a daily cup.

The machine also comes with a free coffee.

Costos new vending machines will be the first vending machines to be available in major cities.

Costco is also launching its new vending device at retail outlets across the U.S. It will be launched in New York, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles.

The company has launched more than 20 new vending systems in the past two years, and will be adding more in the coming months.