A dog has a vending machine in its cage

Posted April 09, 2019 12:11:25A dog has been caught in a vending machines cage at a Melbourne restaurant and a video has gone viral of him wandering around the restaurant looking for food.

The video shows a male greyhound wandering around a Victoria’s Secret vending machine, seemingly looking for something.

The dog appears to be eating food from the machine.

The video was filmed at the Kettle and Buns in Darlinghurst, a popular restaurant in Melbourne’s inner north.

It has been viewed more than 300,000 times on Facebook.

A Facebook user posted the video to the Melbourne restaurant’s Facebook page and the video has been shared thousands of times.

“This is my first time filming something in my life.

It was just my friend giving me a ride home from work.

I’m a bit of a nut for taking videos on the go, but I’ve been doing it for years,” the user wrote.”

I was in the area for a while, so I just took a look around the area and decided to film this dog.”

The video has since been shared on social media by many.

“Dog is hungry and just wandered around in a Melbourne’s Secret restaurant for about a minute.

I couldn’t stop laughing at him and then we both ran away,” one user said.

The owner of the Kettles in Darlinghills said he has been trying to help the dog find his food for several days.

“We’re a little bit shocked it took this long for the dog to find his treats, but he’s a pretty good dog and he’ll get what he needs,” the owner said.

“There’s a good selection of food available for sale at the cafe, so we’ll just have to give him the treats when he gets home.”

The dog will probably have some treats lying around at home, so maybe a couple of bites from a spoon.

“Victoria’s Secret said the video was the product of a “somewhat rare breed” and apologised for the incident.”

Our dog, called ‘Bud’, was not in a cage,” the company said in a statement.”

As soon as he was found, he was immediately taken to the vet and we were able to provide him with the appropriate treatment.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to give the dog any food as this was a rare breed and we are currently unable to supply any to him.”

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