Vending machines for the medical profession may soon be available at hospitals and pharmacies

Vendors are currently in talks to install vending machines in pharmacies, but that hasn’t stopped some of them from taking the idea and making it into reality.

News24 spoke to three pharmacy executives about the vending machines that are already available to patients.

The first is Dan Hulme, CEO of the medical device manufacturer Theranos.

He told News24 that vending machines have already been installed in some hospitals, and that some pharmacies will be able to offer them as a convenience service.

The second is Jochen Hüsker, CEO at medical device maker Athersys, which was founded in the United States.

He said that pharmacies will soon be able offer them in pharmacies to help patients in need.

The third is Tom Hargreaves, president of healthcare technology firm Insignia, which is also working on vending machines.

Insignias’ chief marketing officer said that they are planning to launch vending machines for pharmacies in the first quarter of 2019.

The next step will be for the vending machine manufacturers to create vending machines to provide healthcare consumers with the convenience of a medical device while also providing patients with an alternative to using their phones to make calls.

The goal is to have vending machines available in all major cities by 2019, and by then, all of the major mobile device companies will have an opportunity to offer these vending machines at a price that patients and patients can afford.

The vending machines can be programmed to automatically switch on or off as patients or as a caregiver when the device is turned on.

The device will also be able be configured to notify users of certain events, such as when they are being tested or when the doctor or nurse is leaving.

They can also be programmed with certain preset phrases to make it easier to use the device.

Some vending machines may even have pre-recorded reminders for patients and caregivers about when the machine is activated.

The manufacturers said that the vending devices would be a step towards better access to healthcare for patients, since patients may not always have access to a medical practitioner at a certain time.

Insigning said that vending machine vending machines are just one of the ways in which the healthcare sector will soon become more competitive.

“Healthcare is going to become more affordable and accessible.

So we are definitely going to see a lot of new entrants into the sector,” he said.

News 24 contacted the companies that are working on the technology for vending machines, and will update this article if we receive any responses.