What is a Bitcoin vending machine?

Bitcoin vending machines are the vending machines used by the likes of Starbucks and other companies to buy and sell digital currency.

According to a new report from a leading consumer technology company, the vending machine business is expected to grow by 30% in the next two years.

The report estimates that over the next five years, the number of Bitcoin vending shops will reach 1.7 million.

According to the report, the demand for these vending machines is likely to grow significantly in the coming years.

While the Bitcoin industry is still in its infancy, the report forecasts that it will be one of the most important markets for vending machines, due to its potential to expand its user base.

While Bitcoin vending models are not quite as well known as that of other financial instruments, they are already seeing widespread adoption.

According the report from the consumer technology firm iResearch, Bitcoin vending is growing at an exponential rate in China, Japan, India and other emerging markets.

This is in contrast to traditional payment systems like credit cards and checks, which are experiencing declining adoption.

The company predicts that by 2020, Bitcoin will be used by over 1 billion people in over 60 countries, with India expected to be the biggest market.

According the report , the growing acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment system will drive the market growth of other currencies, such as the Japanese yen.

For the past year, the Japanese government has been trying to regulate Bitcoin exchanges, which would allow for the currency to be traded and taxed.

The country has been a haven for digital currency traders in recent years, with bitcoin accounts being used for over $10bn in transactions in 2016 alone.

The company predicts the growing popularity of Bitcoin in emerging markets will push the price of the currency towards the $2,000 mark, which will make it a more attractive option for some consumers.

With this in mind, the company predicts Bitcoin vending will continue to grow, despite the government crackdown on Bitcoin.