When will Carmax sell their vending machine?

The best news about the Carmax vending machines is that they are finally coming to the US.

The company, which makes popular drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, announced Tuesday that the machines would soon be available at grocery stores and gas stations nationwide.

The news comes as a bit of a shock to customers.

Carmax’s first US vending machine was unveiled in 2012.

The first of two US locations will be at Walmart in California.

That store, which is now owned by Kroger, will not be open for business until April.

Carmak is trying to convince customers that the vending machines are a great way to save money.

But many people, including some of the company’s founders, are still unsure about the machines.

In a blog post announcing the change, Carmax wrote that the technology behind the machines is still a work in progress.

The new devices have a built-in digital sensor that helps the company determine whether the drinks it sells are safe to consume.

The sensors will also determine whether a product is healthy.

Carmaki also said that the company will offer its vending machines to grocery stores nationwide in the coming months.

Carmakis vending machines will be available in grocery stores starting in May, when the company plans to start selling the machines at gas stations and other grocery stores.

Carmakers have had to fight in court to get their vending machines in the hands of consumers.

Last year, a California judge ruled that the California Liquor Control Board, the agency that licenses the sale of liquor in the state, was violating the state’s ban on vending machines because they were too expensive for most people to afford.

The ruling, however, did not bar Carmax from selling the devices at gas station kiosks.