MSC is to open up new stores in the UK and Ireland

The UK’s biggest retailer is opening up more stores in Ireland and the US.

The Irish brand is set to open two new stores at the Westgate Centre in Dublin on January 27 and the outlet at the Mall of Ireland in Co Donegal on February 3.

It is the first time in more than a decade that MSC has opened a store in the United States.

The company also said it will open a new store in Miami on February 4.

“We are committed to serving customers in the US and the rest of the world,” said Mr O’Connor.

“Our new stores will help to provide a more seamless experience for our customers and to build our portfolio in the country and around the world.”

The Westgate centre in Dublin, Ireland, pictured, will be the first store in Ireland to open, MSC said.

The outlet in Co Dublin will open on February 2.

The Mall of Irish in Co Derry is set for a similar opening on February 6.

“In our new store locations, we will be able to serve our customers with a wide range of merchandise and services including a variety of apparel, shoes, watches, cosmetics, home goods, fashion, home furnishings, household goods and household goods, jewellery and other luxury products,” Mr O ‘Connor said.

“This will give us a competitive advantage when it comes to our new retail businesses.”

The opening of our new stores is part of a strategy to help us establish a long-term presence in the U.S. and around its markets.

“A spokeswoman for the US retail giant said: “We have been very pleased to partner with MSC in the recent years, including opening a new outlet in Miami in March 2018.

“As a global company, we look forward to continuing to expand our business with more stores around the globe.”