What’s new in vending machines?

NEW YORK — The machines, which have a variety of names, can dispense up to $150 worth of food items to customers in less than five minutes.

A new product is also on the way: a vending machine that can dispenses a plastic bag full of cookies to anyone who knocks on a door in the middle of the night.

The new machine, dubbed “Cookie Dough,” was developed by a team at Boston-based startup Nest, which has a new vending machine on the market.

It was originally developed to make it easier for people to order their meals at home, Nest CEO Adam Jonas said.

“We really want to make ordering a meal easier,” Jonas said in an interview.

Nest is currently selling cookies and other products through its website, which allows people to choose from different options for a variety that include cookies, candy, soda and other sugary and salty snacks.

When you order a cookie dough, you have to put it in the box, but the machine lets you set up a timer and it will count down from 10 minutes to when you’ll receive your cookie.

In addition to dispensing cookies, the machine can also dispense water and water-based foods, which are also great for keeping people hydrated during the hot summer months.

It can also be used to make coffee, juice, ice cream, baked goods and other snacks, and it comes with a small bag that can be carried by customers.