What’s in a beer vending?

There’s a lot of stuff to drink in a McDonalds beer vending machines.

There’s beer, water, soda, wine, fruit, nuts, chips, doughnuts and hot dogs.

There’s also a small amount of alcohol on hand, as well as a selection of snacks, such as fruit and chocolate.

McDonalds will continue to offer their drinks in the vending machines throughout the year.

The company is also working on a new vending machine that will allow for a wider variety of food items to be purchased in the machines, and allow customers to buy their own items as well.

One of the new machines will feature more than 70 different food items, including a new pizza made with fresh fruit.

If you are not too hungry for a meal, there is also a bar with a variety of beer options to choose from.

This will be the first McDonalds vending machines to include beer and wine, which is another big step towards the company’s goal of becoming a destination for all things delicious.

We’ve got a new beer vending system in Seattle.

We’re proud to have them in our restaurants, and hope to see many more throughout the country.

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