DASANI DISH OPENING – 7pm, 7am, 7pm and 10pm, Monday, June 3, 2018, Glasgow, UK

DASANI DISH opens its doors to the public on Monday for the first time in over a decade and has been selling food and drinks since 1975.

The brand was launched in the West End in 1976 and is now a major tourist attraction and has a loyal following across Scotland.

Its latest launch will be a big hit with shoppers who want to taste what Scotland’s best food is in the city centre.

DASANS has launched its first new vending machine in more than 40 years, the DASANA, and its first in Glasgow’s West End, with a big focus on vegan food.

It’s the first restaurant in the country to have the machines, which will be operated by a specially trained team.

DASSANI has been a staple of Glasgow’s streets for decades, with its iconic blue and gold colours and long tradition of serving vegan food and beverages to customers.

The new machines are the first of its kind in Scotland and it’s a welcome addition to Glasgow’s vibrant food scene.

DASHANI – 6am, 6pm and 7am Monday, May 30, 2018 – Glasgow, Scotland article The DASHANA is Glasgow’s first vegan vending machine and the city’s first vegetarian food vending machine.

The machine has been designed to serve a wider range of vegetarian and vegan foods including fish, meat and chicken, but also vegan sweets, veggie pies and a vegan milkshake.

The restaurant chain is also offering an extra special vegan milky drink, which is now on sale for just £3.50 and has attracted rave reviews from customers.

DASYN’S – 8am, 8am and 10am, Tuesday, May 29, 2018 , Glasgow, Scottish Borders article DASYNO is a popular vegan restaurant and food takeaway in Glasgow.

The cafe has been in operation for the past five years and is a well-known local institution with customers from all over the world.

Owner and chef Mark McDonagh, who is originally from Edinburgh, said the new DASYNI vending machines will help it to remain on the map.

The DASYNS, which are equipped with LED lights and sensors, will allow diners to order food from the menu and be notified when the items are ready to go.

McDonaghan said he’s pleased to see the DASYNE vending machines have received a great reception.

The vegan restaurant has had the DASHANS since it opened in 1976.

The chain was also awarded the Good Food Award in 2014 and McDonagan said the DASSANS will be an important addition to the menu.

McDONAGH said: “We are delighted to have received the award.

The people of Glasgow love our food and I’m sure we’ll be bringing that love to the Dasanas and the other new DASANNIs as well.”

THE DASANE, THE GOLDEN VENDING MACHINE and THE MCNEILL’S VENDINAS are open Monday through Saturday and Sunday, with new products and a selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

They have also launched a new vegan milk and a fresh juice bar.

A new vegetarian cafe has also opened in the Glasgow CBD, The Golden, and the DESSANI, the latter of which is the first vegan restaurant in Scotland.