Cardboard vending machines with no plastic at all

A new set of vending machines designed to eliminate plastic is in the works at a chain of stores in San Francisco.

The company, called Cardboard, is currently in negotiations with banks, and plans to start offering vending machines at its retail locations in the Bay Area, New York City and Boston.

The machines will be called Cards, and they will be sold at a number of locations, including Walmart, Target and other major retailers.

The idea is that customers will be able to pay for their purchases with the machines themselves, without using their credit cards.

There will also be a number in-store cash machines that will be set up to accept cash.

It’s the company’s first major foray into vending machines and a huge opportunity for it, said Cardboard’s chief executive officer, John R. Guggenheim.

Cardboard started in 2011 when Gugginheim started his own company called Fritzing, Inc. The goal of Cardboard was to create a new type of vending machine that would have a different look, feel and feel than conventional vending machines.

It didn’t come easy, he said.

“We had to do a lot of trial and error,” he said, “and it was pretty much a long slog.”

The first vending machine to arrive in a Target store in November, the new vending machines are designed to be portable, and can be used for several different purposes, such as buying drinks or food.

The design was based on a concept by a group of artists called “Art from the Future.”

They created a machine that looked similar to a vending machine but used more of a cardboard box-like material instead of plastic.

“The cardboard is going to be the main barrier to adoption,” Guginheim said.

It took the artists about four months to get it right.

The new machines are also lighter than the old ones, which could make them more attractive to customers.

It also comes at a time when some major retailers are moving away from plastic vending machines, and are now working to create more eco-friendly alternatives.

Gudgenheim said that he has been impressed by how well the machines have worked.

“You get the sense that there’s a lot that goes into making a successful business and a successful product,” he explained.

“But I think it’s also the sense of innovation that makes these things really effective.”