McDonald’s opens up its own refrigerated parking space in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — The fast-food giant announced Wednesday it will open up its first new parking space at a downtown San Antonio hotel, a facility that it hopes will help ease traffic.

The space, the first of its kind in the United States, will be located at The San Antonio Marriott Marquis.

The facility will serve as a parking garage for the Marriott, which is scheduled to open its first hotel in March.

The parking garage, which McDonald’s will pay for with the company’s corporate tax savings, will have an area of about 7,000 square feet, including one of the hotel’s existing parking garages, said Scott Denson, the company president and CEO.

The building, which will be used by the hotel, will serve primarily as a rental space.

It will have parking for a total of about 200 vehicles.

In addition, a parking lot will be available on site for other uses, such as the hotel lobby.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said the hotel will also have a dedicated parking lot for its guests, with a “free, one-time” shuttle service.

Denson said the space will be open for up to a year.

“We’ve got an excellent parking facility in the Marriott Marqui in downtown San Antonio that’s a really good fit for us, and it’s a great opportunity to have this new space that we have,” he said.

The McDonald’s hotel, which has a total capacity of about 1,000, has had a parking structure at the location for years.

That structure was not expected to be up and running for at least two years.

Densen said the parking garage would provide a parking solution for a lot of the hotels guests.

The new parking facility, which he said will cost $100,000 to build, will add approximately 100 spaces to the hotel.

Densmore said the McDonald’s corporate income tax savings are estimated to be $2.8 million a year, and the hotel has $30 million in corporate taxes.

“It will create a huge amount of economic activity in San Antonios,” he added.

The Marriott is one of a handful of hotels and restaurants in the area that are also being targeted by the Marriott to use the new space.

In January, Marriott said it planned to spend $20 million in downtown downtown San Antonio to develop its new hotel.