Which vending machines are you going to wear in the next Halloween costume?

Vending machines are an increasingly popular Halloween costume, and there’s a new one on the way.

According to a Reddit user, there are going to be more than 100 new vending machines coming to the United States this Halloween.

A Reddit user named makaholle_pink claims to have spotted them in a New York City area and they are going for $5 each.

I’m sure the first person to order one will be able to make it to Halloween in a costume that has a full array of costume options.

You can see some more of the new machines on Reddit.

Vending machines aren’t the only thing coming to Halloween.

There will be a lot of costumes that you can buy and then sell to people online.

The popular “Scary Stories To Tell Halloween” Halloween costume costume, which is basically a white costume with a red scarf and a face mask, will be available for sale online.

There’s also a new costume that will be featured on Halloween themed video games, called “Ghostbusters: A New Era.”

This costume will be offered online as well.

There are also plenty of new costumes to be had online.

You can find more details about them here and here.